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Power lines

linia elektroenergetyczna

110, 220 and 400 kV cable and overhead lines using lattice and pipe poles


Energy stations

Stacja elektroenergetyczna

Multi-branch projects of high voltage stations together with the environmental impact assessment and carrying out administrative procedures


Renewable energy

turbina wiatrowa

Wind and photovoltaic farms, locally balanced with advanced generation and metering control systems


Steel structures

konstrukcje stalowe

Lattice structures and tubular poles of any complexity level with detailing


Who we are

Specialists in comprehensive planning

All our Polish energy concerns and Polish Energy Networks have been our clients since 2002.
We have the references and experience required to design any power facility.

An experienced team of specialists

An innovative approach and combination of knowledge from many fields helps in the design of a modern power system

What we do

Energy projects

We mainly design power facilities such as high-voltage lines and stations as well as renewable energy sources.
We carry out administrative procedures related to transmission easement and obtaining all necessary permits.

Optimization of costs and deadlines

Our clients confirm that funds invested in high quality technical documentation pay back many times.

Advisory services

Partners in many countries

logo EFLAAs part of the capital group, we have access to the latest technical solutions and knowledge of our colleagues from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany and Turkey.

International consultants

We provide services in the field of environmental protection, design of roads, bridges, specialized buildings and other engineering facilities.

Effective design

and quality above all

Specialized solutions we offer at the investment preparation stage guarantee optimization of costs and deadlines